Good news for Roy, but let’s look out for others

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Going through chemotherapy is a gruelling experience for anyone who is battling cancer.

Fortunately most people are able to get support and care from their friends and family when going through such a difficult time.

So the story of Roy Haudiquet is one which really struck a chord, ever since he first appeared in the pages of The News earlier this year.

Roy has severe prostate cancer and has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment.

But instead of recovering from the gruelling treatment in comfort, he had to make his bed in bus shelters, stairwells and shop doorways because he is homeless.

He was offered accommodation by one council, but this was on the condition that he could not bring his beloved dog Winston with him.

The idea of parting with his loyal Staffordshire bull terrier, who has stayed by his side while he goes through the treatment, was too much to bear and so he felt he had no choice but to continue living on the streets.

But today there is good news.

Portsmouth City Council has found a flat for him and his faithful dog.

‘It will be such a relief because it has been really tough dealing with the treatment and having nowhere to live,’ says Roy, whose immune system is much weaker as a result of the chemotherapy and places him at higher risk of catching infections.

It’s a huge relief for Roy, and we are thrilled to see his case reach a positive conclusion.

But his story has also given many pause to think about how many other homeless people are battling illness and have nowhere to go.

It is a sobering thought. We would all like to think we would have a roof over our heads if we were left suffering an illness.

Let’s hope more can be done for others in the same situation as Roy.

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