Good things happen when people work together

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There’s nothing like a splash of colour to brighten your mood and it’s amazing what a little bit of community spirit can actually achieve.

Vibrant hues and the goodwill of others have both been put to good use to give Southsea’s Strand mural a much-needed dose of TLC.

This familiar landmark has been an eye-catching feature for many years and many people will have fond memories of gazing at it as they’ve wandered by in the past.

But it’s true to say that time and age had taken their toll, leaving the giant map featuring some of Portsmouth’s most famous figures in dire need of some attention.

Step forward Mark Lewis and a willing band of local artists and volunteers, all happy to give up their time to breathe life into the mural once more.

A lack of funding and unseasonably bad weather could have been enough to scupper this project – but the dedication on show from those involved means the scaffolding has finally been removed and their hard work can now be revealed.

We congratulate those who rolled up their sleeves to help. You’ve done us all a service and that shouldn’t pass by without recognition.

Mr Lewis is right when he says that as well as transforming the area, this project also stands for something that runs much deeper.

Everyone who picked up a brush to help will know the part they played and that will give them pride.

Our communities thrive when there are people around who are prepared to do something for others. We’re all guilty of assuming someone else will take our place and it’s all too easy to let the bigger picture pass us by because we’ve got caught up in our own affairs.

But when people pull together, things get done. Just look at the Strand mural if you still doubt that to be true.

We’re sure there are other neglected areas that could do with some attention and perhaps more murals can now be created.

As Mr Lewis says: ‘When you see grey, you think grey.’

Maybe now’s the perfect time to inject some colour.