Goodbye Scruff, we’ll miss you

Zella had a fantastic day at Titchfield Haven and wonders what other local gems she's overlooked      Picture: Gary Taw

ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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When I was a child, our dog Bruno wasn’t just a pet – he was part of our family.

Unfortunately, the happiness of owning a pet always ends with sadness when they pass away.

I remember being heartbroken when the dog who I’d known forever wasn’t there anymore.

Caitlin’s guinea pig – who she had named Scruff because she looked like she could do with a good wash and a haircut – went to pet heaven last week.

I have to admit that my first thought wasn’t for the guinea pig but for how I would break the news to my daughter.

I could have rushed to the pet shop to get an equally scruffy one and hope she didn’t notice the difference, or maybe I could have told her that Scruff had run away.

After much thought I decided to tell her that Scruff had gone to heaven to play in the clouds with her friends.

‘I’m going to miss her and I didn’t even get to give her a kiss goodbye,’ she replied.

That’s when the lump appeared in my throat.