Google can track whatever I look at, but not a parcel

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How is it that Google can see into the very minutiae of my life and yet can’t track an envelope?

A while back my parents-in-law very kindly bought my children a Nexus each.

This is, for those who aren’t aware, a device which connects to the internet and allows my offspring to do pretty much everything that a laptop does.

But they can do it in their rooms, in the bathroom, in the garden, in the living room, anywhere and everywhere without having to ask my permission to use the computer.

This has frustrated me somewhat, walking into a room full of zombies scrolling through sports results, games, music videos etc.

After a year or so, two of the three tablets died. The charging points decided to give up. Where the rest of the body is robust, the charging ports, like many phones, can’t cope with life in use.

My son decided to purchase a wireless charger. This is a screen-like pad which the Nexus could sit on top of and be recharged without the need to insert wires.

So we bought one from Google – as they make the Nexus – after a long conversation about whether it would work with his machine.

Of course it didn’t. After another long discussion, we were sent a replacement wireless charger. Which again didn’t work with my son’s machine.

Another discussion resulted in the Google employee telling me that the Nexus wasn’t compatible. Finally, a human in the know.

I sent the first wireless charger back to Google HQ, in a brown envelope tied up with string.

That’s because I hadn’t realised that Google were going to send me a special envelope to use.

The second time I waited for the special envelope, as directed, and posted the second charger in that.

Months have now passed. Google claim they can’t find it, they haven’t seen it and, unless I have a record of the numbers on the packaging, they can’t track it.

But this is the mighty Google, who track me wherever I go in life and whatever I look at online.

It just doesn’t seem right, does it?