Gosport is a town in need of a new look for it to thrive

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Even the most devoted resident of Gosport would be hard-pressed to claim that their hometown isn’t in dire need of a facelift.

It must be galling for some to look across the water and see the amount of money that gets spent on the Portsmouth side. While we appreciate that hasn’t been without problems, over recent decades the transformation and regeneration of Gunwharf has been impressive.

And we are currently seeing the bus terminal being transformed into a hub worthy of a gateway to the city.

Talk is all very well and good, it can be the birth of many a great idea. But these five-year plans need to be more than just lofty words. There need to be actions to back up these words.

It will be interesting to see how these ideas for revamping Gosport’s waterfront and high street hold up under scrutiny.

We applaud ambition, but one only needs to look at the Northern Quarter plans for the centre of Portsmouth to see what happens when ambition gets too carried away with itself.

Sadly, as with all these things, there is also the obvious question of money. Can Gosport make itself attractive enough to draw in the developers to make these bold ideas a reality?

While the roads in and out of the peninsula remain as congested as they are, it is a tough sell.

But if they are successful, and we do hope they are, they will undoubtedly transform Gosport. Making the town centre more accessible from the water can only be a good move for bringing people with money into the town.

As a borough, Gosport is not without top-rate attractions – take the Explosion! Museum, or The Submarine Museum and the HMS Sultan Show.

It is a shame that, as it stands, the town centre lets things down. Here’s to a positive future.