Grace and her hoop showed power to captivate is ageless

COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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June has been a month of red, white and blue images. None, in my opinion, were more arresting than the sight of Grace Jones and her hula hoop at the Jubilee concert.

If any proof were needed that women are past masters at multi-tasking, that was it.

The supper burned and the bath overflowed while our household was transfixed, terrified that some wayward gust or tricky high note would send that ring clattering to the floor.

But Grace and her well-oiled, 64-year-old hips had it covered.

Younger acts were found wanting – Cheryl Cole out of tune and Jessie J tweeting her ignorance by asking who the Amazonian hit maker was.

But Grace proved that the power to captivate is ageless.