Grandad might let you watch when he gets a new tattoo

COMMENT: A great way to inspire and influence new generation

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With the increasing tendency for children to have children themselves, there is now said to be a worrying rise in the number of thirtysomething grandparents.

I don’t imagine a visit to granddad now involves the distribution of Werther Originals beside a roaring fire.

Or even cosy chats about subjects such as fishing and stamp-collecting.

I can almost hear a young mum telling her offspring:

‘Go and ask your granddad if he’ll take you to McDonald’s. He’ll let you see his new ear-ring.

“Don’t leave it too late coz I think he’s still on tag and he’ll want to get back in time to go to the pub.

‘If you’re a good boy he may even let you watch while he gets his latest tattoo.’