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In a world of austerity, double dip recessions and cuts to pretty much everything, we’re all trying to be careful with our money.

It’s never been more important to run your household like a business and count every penny that comes in and goes out.

That means my daughters don’t always get what they ask for.

But even though you and I might be cutting costs and putting luxuries to one side, it seems there is one group that doesn’t mind keeping the purse strings permanently untied.

That group of people are called the grandparents.

A recent study found that 89 per cent of grandparents acknowledge that they spoil their grandchildren.

I fondly remember when I was younger and would visit my grandparents and a choice of chocolate bars would be waiting for myself and my sister to choose from.

A visit to my great-grandparents would always result in a £1 coin being placed in the palm of my hand as I was leaving their home, which would buy me a pretty big bag of penny mix-ups from the local corner shop.

The same survey also found that grandparents get a great amount of satisfaction from spending not only time but also money on their children’s children.

Put simply, grandparents spoil their grandchildren because it makes them happy and of course the recipient is happy too.

What child would say no to a trip to the park, followed by some shopping in the city centre to choose a toy, followed by a big bag of sweets and chocolate?

The answer is that no child would say no.

One day when I become a grandparent, which I hope is a long time to come, I imagine I’ll be exactly the same.

By the time you reach the grandparent role, you’ve done all the heavy lifting, you’ve raised your children, you’ve done the discipline and now it’s time to have some fun and enjoy the good bits of spending time with

children without worrying if your actions will affect or mould their personality.

But a quick look on the internet and you’ll find parenting blogs and websites that pose questions like ‘how do you tackle grandparents that spoil your child?’.

In my opinion no tackling is required. Grandparents who spoil their grandchildren are simply a way of life that has been in place forever and I have no intention of getting in the way of the happiness that it brings.

I’m there to be the tough one, not them.

When you’re an adult, there’s no place like home. But when you’re a child there’s no place like home, except nanny and grandad’s.