Great end to what is a truly remarkable feat by Anna

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A60-mile swim in just over 26 hours.

You can read that statistic over and over again but it’s still difficult to comprehend the amazing feat by Anna Wardley.

What makes the Gosport endurance swimmer’s achievement all the more remarkable is that this weekend’s mammoth effort around the Isle of Wight was her fifth such task in less than two years.

Completing her Five Island Swim Challenge has rightly brought the plaudits for our very own wonder woman.

And with it comes a list of honours to be proud of – being only the fourth person to swim around the Isle of Wight among them.

Perhaps most impressive of all, though, is that Anna’s accomplishment has raked in more than £50,000 for charity.

Just what she went through during her challenges to help raise that total is one of the biggest reasons why the word ‘hero’ is not misplaced for the 37-year-old.

From the ‘fantastic experience’ of swimming around Dragonera, Mallorca, to the unfinished bid to conquer Tiree, in the Inner Hebrides, Anna totalled an incredible 143 miles to achieve her goal.

Along the way, she had to battle strong currents, freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, hallucinations and jellyfish, among many other obstacles.

But thanks to sheer determination, and around 87,500 front-crawl strokes, she pulled off the seemingly-impossible on Saturday when she touched in at Ryde Pier to the cheers from onlookers.

Speaking to The News last night, Anna insists her long days in the water are over.

Instead her priorities will turn to ‘very normal things’ like watching DVDs and looking after her dog Deesa.

After succeeding with such an amazing challenge, this true inspiration to all of us certainly deserves her rest.

But with real battlers like Anna, you get the feeling we’ve not seen the last of her heroics just yet...