Green event can open our eyes to the alternatives

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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It’s encouraging to hear that this year’s Big Green Commuter Challenge looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

The word has been spreading for a while now and there are record numbers of people and businesses signed up to take part.

The idea couldn’t be simpler – swap your daily car journey for a greener form of transport for one week.

So those taking part will get out of the traffic jams and make their way to and from work by bike, foot, public transport or scooter.

There’s even a car sharing option for those who really are reliant on that form of transport.

We all know how fraught rush hour can be. During peak periods it can take an age just to travel a few miles and sitting in long queues can soon cause tempers to fray.

But it’s important to remember that your twice-daily commute doesn’t just take a toll on your stress levels. Fumes from all those stationary tailbacks are also bad for the environment and that’s something that should concern us all.

It’s very easy to make excuses about why alternative forms of transport aren’t practical.

Many of us simply enjoy the convenience of getting in our own cars too much to open our eyes to the possibility of making a change.

But many of those taking part have put forward some compelling reasons why it’s a good idea to break the habit of a lifetime.

For example, David MacPherson points out that his journey to work is quicker now he’s swapped his car for a bike.

And Terri Crook says that car sharing will help her save money on petrol – an added bonus when prices at the pumps are so high.

We’re sure that the 46 companies and organisations taking part in this year’s event will enjoy the experience of giving it a go.

Organisers hope they can save 477,710 car miles and that would certainly be something to shout about.

We hope the Big Green Commuter Challenge continues to go from strength to strength – and that more people will try leaving the car at home in future.