Greening the city can help nature and our health

The urban environment can be a pretty harsh place. All brick, concrete and Tarmac and precious little greenery.

Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 6:16 am

But what if we started to think of our cities as places where both humans and wildlife could happily co-habit – and, in the process, made them more attractive and better for our health?

That’s what bosses at a metal spinning company in Hilsea want to do.

Inspired by TV nature series Planet Earth 2, which saw presenter David Attenborough plead with viewers to build cities that cater for wildlife, they aim to turn a 27ft chimney into an ‘eco tower’.

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It’s one of the biggest chimneys in Portsmouth and not what you might call attractive.

Looking for ways to spruce it up, director Lee Bligh and marketing executive Curtis Bligh from Excell Metal Spinning in Limberline Road reckon they have found the answer.

Mr Bligh said: ‘We picked up on Singapore’s eco buildings and decided we wanted to do something along those lines with the chimney.’

A chimney covered in plants. It’s a great idea. For a start, its harsh, industrial edges are softened. It would also provide somewhere for wildlife to thrive – and play a small part in counteracting pollution in our densely-populated city.

The company has put the idea on Twitter and got a favourable response.

Now they want to reach 5,000 likes and 5,000 retweets of the post to show people are behind their plan.

We look forward to seeing Portsmouth’s first ‘eco tower’ and encourage other companies to think how they can contribute to the greening of our environment.

Surely that is a vision we all agree would be worth making reality.