Gust is God laughing at you

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Have you ever done this? You find a little bit of litter in your pocket and you see a bin about 20 yards in the distance. You know you could easily keep the bit of litter in your pocket until you get home but, in the spirit of cleanliness and public service, you decide to march over to the bin and put it inside.

So you wander over, taking up valuable seconds of your time, and take out the piece of litter to place in the bin. But at the last second, a gust of wind blows up catching the litter carrying it away several yards.

This now means you have to spend even more valuable time retrieving it and making doubly sure that you eventually place it in the bin.

You’re now really angry and wishing that you’d just dealt with the litter when you’d got home.

Anyway, you know what that gust of wind is? It’s basically God laughing at you! Just thought you’d like to know.

A campaign for a travel website has been cleared by the advertising watchdog, despite becoming the second-most complained-about UK advert of all time for its use of the word ‘booking’ as an apparent substitute for an expletive.

I’m surprised more people don’t complain about holiday adverts because there are always things about them that are annoying. Here’s a couple, but I bet you can think of more:

Adverts where the person going on holiday lies back in his aeroplane seat and dozes comfortably.

Where’s the advert with the budget airline where passengers charge for a seat while someone drops a small suitcase on your head as they try to load it into the overhead storage locker?

Adverts where holidaymakers are seen happily lounging in the hot sun.

Don’t they realise most pasty Brits actually want a poolside place where they can alternate comfortably between sun and shade without having to get up every few minutes?