Had anything really been done
to save the Cosham bonfire?

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

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Ihad been gearing up to use this part of my column to invite companies to save the Portsmouth bonfire.

But, as readers of The News will have read on Saturday, the brilliant L&S Waste stepped in at the eleventh hour to ensure Wednesday’s fireworks display won’t be a damp squib.

What a shame it took a last-minute appeal for help and complaints from residents for someone to come to the city’s aid. I wonder if perhaps anything had been done to find the investment that would see the bonfire lit.

L&S Waste is in Portsmouth, Fareham and Southampton and is a long-term partner of Portsmouth Football Club, despite the club’s historic financial woes. Pompey may have paid off its creditors, but it this city is once again in the firm’s debt.