Hail Santa’s pitch invasion and despise Pires for that dive

Shaka Hislop looks dejected after Thierry Henry, centre, scored the controversial penalty won by Robert Pires, left
Shaka Hislop looks dejected after Thierry Henry, centre, scored the controversial penalty won by Robert Pires, left
Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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Due to popular demand, the Pompey fans’ manifesto is back.

The one-stop guide to supporting the Blues recently made an appearance in The Cross Word.

Well, now chapter two is here.

It includes everything you need to know about the trials and tribulations of life following the team you dearly love.

And there have been one or two of you out there in the twittersphere busy adding your own declarations to this key document to following the star and crescent.

So here it is: Pompey Supporters’ Manifesto – Part II...

1 Never forget the emotional moment you first went to Fratton Park and caught view of the pitch.

2 Hail Santa Claus and his pitch invasion, which created the injury-time for Alan Biley to score two goals to get the 2-1 win over Oxford in 1984.

3 Have a knowledge of the many different possible origins of Pompey’s name.

4 Shout ‘Quashie’ at the top of your voice every time the opposition smash a shot miles over the bar.

5 Love a Mick Kennedy tackle.

6 Fume at the money super-agent Pini Zahavi has taken out of the Blues.

7 Question what you are being told. After all, you’ve been burned too many times before.

8 Fume at the money Tal Ben Haim has taken out of Pompey

9 Crave the return of the ticker-tape welcome.

10 Appreciate the magic of a game under the lights at Fratton Park.

11 Wonder how they can ever charge that much for a cup of Bovril on a match day.

12 Remember how around half of Anfield’s 32,000 gate when Pompey played their in the 1980 League Cup were Blues fans.

13 Know the history of the star and crescent – and the role Richard the Lionheart played in it being Portsmouth’s coat of arms.

14 Feel a sense of comfort whenever you spot Fratton Park’s floodlights on the horizon.

And here some key amendments from the world of Twitter (with credits, of course).

15 When packing to go abroad, your Pompey shirt must always be accounted for first


16 Have an urge to cheer every time you: A. Hear Pompey mentioned on TV. B. See someone in a Pompey shirt outside of Pompey.


17 Players come and go but legends are remembered.


18 Know there is no ner, ner, ners in the chimes. We don’t need drums just passion.


19 If you don’t go through pain and anguish while watching Pompey, then you’re not a fan.


20 Despise Robert Pires for that dive (at Arsenal in 2003).


21 Never leave Fratton Park before that final whistle. Anything can happen in those final few seconds.


22 Know that Jeff Hemmerman was never offside versus Middlesbrough in the FA Cup (in 1980).


23 Do a victory dance when a player scores in the first 10 minutes and you have a bet on it with the Betting Room.


24 Understand the history of our club and why we play in royal blue shirts, white shorts and red socks.


25 Question why at least 50 per cent of fans believe any new owner is the saviour - even still.