Hands up, I’m hopeless at hair

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I consider myself to be a hands-on dad and I like to get involved in all aspects of parenting, but there is one area in which I consider myself to be a big fat failure.

You see, I’ll wash my daughters’ hair and I’ll dry it for them but you won’t see me attempting the task of brushing it or styling it.

In life, I think you’ll agree, there are things we are good at and things we are hopeless at and every time I have been let loose on my daughters’ hair, the result sits very firmly in the hopeless category.

I thought this would be a typical male response to this situation.

But I recently stumbled across some videos on YouTube from dads aimed at teaching other dads how to style their daughters’ hair.

So hopefully soon I’ll be plaiting and braiding and transforming my daughters from the bed hair look into pretty princesses.

In the meantime, only mummy should go near the brush unless my daughters want to end up looking like Russell Brand.