Happily ever after with a good movie

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ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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I love watching movies and always have.

Sometimes it’ll be on the big screen at the cinema with a big cardboard container of expensive popcorn and what seems like a bucket full of cola and sometimes on the small screen in the comfort of my own home with a beer, or more likely a 
cup of tea and a packet of custard creams.

But why do I love watching movies so much when what I am viewing is just an illusion and isn’t actually real life?

I’m basically enjoying a two-hour film of people pretending to be someone else.

I’ve poked fun at my partner Serena when she’s watching her favourite soaps like Home and Away or East-
Enders and she gets emotionally involved with the show and the characters.

But I’ve come to realise that I do the same thing when watching the latest blockbuster to come out of Hollywood.

I suppose we watch a movie for a variety of reasons and the biggest is to be entertained.

But most of the time there is more to it than we might realise.

Sometimes we choose to watch a movie to change or complement our mood.

It’s a big cliché but one that the big movie companies know all about – girl breaks up with boy so girl watches a sad romantic film that has a happy ending, maybe The Notebook.

Maybe you need cheering up, well a musical is probably a very good choice, so you might choose the all singing-all dancing Grease.

And if you’ve been let down by a fellow human being and you need 
to restore your faith in humanity you’d probably grab your Forrest Gump DVD.

I’ve got loads of DVDs that have been collected over the years and also subscribe to a movie streaming website, but sometimes when I’m looking at the shelf about to collapse under the weight of movies or I’m scrolling through the streaming website I can’t decide what to watch.

It’s a big first world problem – we’re spoilt for choice.

But I have since found a solution to my problem.

We have subscribed to a movie channel that only shows films made by Disney.

As a family we have entered the realm of happily ever after, where mice talk and carpets fly.

It’s really nice to watch movies with my daughters that I used to view as a child and witness them enjoy the happy films just as I did.

I do have a confession to make – when we were watching Finding Nemo and Caitlin and Alyssa left the room I may have carried on watching the Disney film all by myself.

You’re never too old for Disney, well I’m certainly not.

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