Happy Christmas - and can you come to our wedding?

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By the time you read this, we’ll be in the Big Apple.

I’ve been so excited about going this year and our trip has also meant I’ve got in the Christmas spirit earlier than usual.

Although not quite as early as when I was a kid and used to start listening to Christmas songs in August. Seriously, I was that sad!

As we’re flying to New York today, which happens to be National Christmas Jumper Day, we were planning to go to the airport sporting our best Christmas jumpers.

Mine has an electric fire on the front which actually lights up. I’m so rock and roll!

It’s been manic to try to get ready for this trip, not least because I’ve been under some pressure to sort out our wedding invitations before we left.

So we had a great thought.

We reckoned we’d combine the holidays with our wedding invitations and Matt came up with the idea of us sending out a Christmas card in the cheesy style of American families.

You know the type, where they all sport Christmas jumpers, sit in front of a fake fire and a huge Christmas tree with big over-the-top grins on their faces.

Well, that exactly what we’ve done. I know it’s perhaps not quite what you’d expect to get in the post as a wedding invitation, but I reckon it will make people laugh.

For the photo we sported our Christmas jumpers, superimposed ourselves on a background and wrote ‘From the future Kingstons’ on the front.

I did enclose a small ‘official’ wedding invite, but it was all very funny and tongue in cheek.

I just hope everybody understands that it’s a joke and that we weren’t being serious!

We really do look like a nightmare couple, but we love it!

The amount of texts I’ve had over the invitations made it well worth it.

People said it made them smile and, let’s be honest, not many people would have expected us to send a ‘normal’ invitation.

You see, Matt and I just aren’t ‘normal’ so why try to be anything different when it comes to getting married?