Happy holiday for the Hayden family

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As I still don’t feel brave enough to travel on an aeroplane with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, fearing a toddler meltdown 45,000 feet in the air and being asked by the pilot to leave at the next cloud, a UK holiday was decided on for a recent short break.

I haven’t got anything to worry about really as I’m proud to say my children are, on the whole, well- behaved.

But with a UK holiday I can be at my destination in much less time than it takes to travel to the airport and go through security, all the while hoping there are no delays to the flight, then arriving at the foreign airport where there is usually another journey on a coach before the holiday can begin.

Not wanting that hassle, I started researching potential UK destinations on the internet and after checking review sites we decided to book ourselves some time away at a holiday park in Sussex – not too far away but far enough for it to feel like a holiday.

We chose one of those long stretched-out caravans, with the brochure promising a comfortable

and quality holiday at an affordable price.

After being woken up by three-year- old Caitlin shouting ‘happy holiday day mum and dad’, we packed up the car with probably far too much luggage and food for our four-night stay and set off.

At the holiday park we were welcomed by staff who I’m guessing double up as the entertainment team because they were very enthusiastic, just like the presenters on children’s television programmes.

After settling into our accommod-ation and realising we had brought enough food to feed the whole holiday park for a month, we decided to go and explore.

First stop was the amusement arcade with lots of rides for my daughters, although at £1 a time it got a little expensive.

There was also a soft play area which made me want to be little again as it looked so much fun.

There was also one of those unbelievably addictive 2p coin pusher arcade machines.

Now I’ve never been a gambler and don’t intend to become one, but sitting on top of the hundreds of coins was a shiny pink money box that I was sure would drop down the hole after I’d inserted a handful of coins.

I hate to think how much money I put in that machine, but Caitlin eventually got her shiny pink money box and my gambling days were over.

Next stop was the indoor pool where splashing daddy was thought of as hilarious, after which we went to feed the ducks by the lake.

A brilliant holiday that, as always, went way too fast but gave us days together as a family, something everyone should make time for.