Happy memories of summer

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Once again, the summer holidays will soon be complete.

For many of us, it’s the time of year where we have contrasting emotions; it’s time to begin a new year at either school or college.

The anxiety is slowly kicking in and we’re drastically running around to find something that makes us ‘look good’ in order to prevent people judging.

If not that, it’s a matter of concentrating on the way you’ll behave when meeting new people.

Being in a new environment in the same position as others around you is brilliant – everybody is equal and required to communicate with someone new.

Back in 2007, I remember when I met my first secondary school friend.

I was overwhelmed with happiness as – like many others – I stepped out of my comfort zone. It’s fascinating what goes through our minds before we begin something new.

Anyway, back to the summer break, it’s full of opportunity. An adventurous summer could well dampen our enthusiasm towards an academic year.

As there is so much open to young people over the summer, it’s my favourite time of year.

And we’ve been lucky enough to have fantastic weather too.

The summer of 2014 may have marked your first part-time job or the start of driving lessons. Or perhaps you just took the time to chill and go on holiday.

On a personal level, this summer has been the best for me. Firstly, because I’ve been away so much doing various things.

Secondly, it’s been a chance to develop relationships with people who mould me as an individual.

I believe summer holidays are so important in preparing us for a September start.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to take on activities, but even spending more time than usual with family and friends can influence who you are at the beginning of next month.

It’s a shame we don’t have as many opportunities any other time of the year. I guess Christmas breaks are shorter and we’re wrapped up in homework.

Wherever you end up in September, remember to look back on the summer and reflect on the good bits.

Seventeen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter