Happy to get a cheap room - but why are hotels so hot?

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That's the way to do it

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Laterooms.com is now my favourite website. I managed to get a double room in Bournemouth, with sea views and a slap-up breakfast, for the princely sum of £19.

Okay, it was a Thursday night in the dead of winter, but even so this has now opened up the possibility of going to see the fine mix of bands on at the O2 Academy in Boscombe.

Belle and Sebastian were there this week, and coming early next year it's The Cult (I'll be digging out my red lippy for that one).

Yes, I could drive home. But at my age I'd spend the entire evening worrying about what time to leave.

If I can now find a cheap hotel that doesn't spend my money on pumping out heat at 100 degrees all night, I'll be happy.