Happy to see someone make a stand against gymnastics

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On our radio show we’ve been discussing the school in Plymouth that has banned handstands and cartwheels from the playground.

Apparently parents had complained it was too dangerous.

I’m happy to see somebody making a stand against gymnastics, as my eight-year-old daughter Erin is utterly obsessed with it.

Yes children hurt themselves, but it’s how we all learn in life – by making mistakes

Every Tuesday afternoon she attends a club where she performs in the safe environment of the school hall.

The problem is most days you’ll find her doing gymnastics inside the house. She loves to cartwheel across the living room floor and normally crashes against the television cabinet.

I have banned this behaviour but, like many kids, she seems to have selective hearing.

On sunny afternoons my daughter takes her gymnastics practice to the field near where we live. She can often be seen doing handstands in the long grass.

This open air practice also comes with risks. Twice in the past two months we have found ticks on her, but luckily we got them off.

I wonder if Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has ever struggled with ticks?

Lou: Banning cartwheels and handstands from the playground totally baffles me. How can you stop children doing normal, childish things?

Shall we ban football and running too? Children are just as likely to injure themselves doing these ‘dangerous’ activities!

For most of the day kids are expected to sit quietly and get on with their work, so break-time is meant to be a time for them to run around, play and use up all that energy.

Cartwheels and handstands are great exercise, as well as improving balance and co-ordination.

Yes children hurt themselves, but it’s how we all learn in life – by making mistakes.

I grazed my knees many a time playing chase. I was shocked when Jez said he thought this whole banning thing was a good idea and that he’s told his daughter she’s no longer to do gymnastics in the field. Surely children should be positively encouraged to play outdoors and if gymnastics is part of that, then great.