Harry Redknapp: why I’m so proud of him – Rick Jackson

Harry Redknapp celebrates after winning I'm A Celebrity... Picture: ITV
Harry Redknapp celebrates after winning I'm A Celebrity... Picture: ITV
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With the Brexit saga never-ending, thank the lord for I’m A Celebrity…  Get Me Out Of Here! to get us through the past few weeks.

This series has been one of the best. Not everyone wants to see conflict and anger on the telly and this series showed off all the best bits of human nature.

We had someone with autism tackling her demons and others fully accepting her for who she is and supporting her through it without question.

We had a girl who suffers terribly from low self-esteem. How many females do we know who don’t see their own beauty within and who feel the need to look and behave a certain way to be accepted?

We saw the insecurities and vulnerabilities of each contestant and how others supported them through their journey. I wish this would happen more in our own daily lives.

With that, I would like to pay homage to the eventual King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp. I was delighted he won.

I knew he would the moment he was confirmed.

Harry is a genuine, warm character and anyone who has spent time in his company will know that. Harry, like Brian Clough is one of the best English managers England never had. He, like Cloughie, didn’t suit the suits’ tick-list.

For me, he is only second to Bob Jackson, who won two titles with Pompey in the late 1940s and early ’50s, as our greatest manager.

I will never forget the good times be brought us.

Yes, others gave the money, but it was Harry who got us promoted and won the FA Cup. Alain Perrin and others showed just how good Harry really was.

I know some Pompey fans will never forgive him for going to Southampton, but for me, football management is a job and the way some Pompey fans reacted was disgusting and embarrassing for the club and its followers.

Viewers got to see the other side of Harry. The storyteller, the man who is happy to accept anyone, no matter what their age, sex or creed.

Ten years after winning the FA Cup, he wins Britain’s most watched TV show! Nice one ‘Arry.

Coming in to land on the Jackson roof this Christmas

It’s beginning to look like Christmas down my road and because of that I’m having trouble sleeping.

It’s like that scene on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie, when Clark Griswold switches on the outside Christmas lights and blinds his neighbours. 

Almost everyone has taken part and it looks fantastic. Sadly, our contribution was a damp squib because after attaching our old lights to the guttering, risking my life at the same time, only half worked. I couldn’t stand it, so next day new lights arrived and I risked life and limb again putting them up.

With all these lights, I’m worried pilots will confuse our road with the runway at Gatwick.

What’s this all about, Elfie? Grassing up the kids to Santa

The Elf on the Shelf has been busy keeping an eye on our children as the countdown to Christmas continues. He’s a little toy that comes with a book you read to them at bedtime.

He’s reporting back to Santa each night on their behaviour so he knows if they are on the naughty or nice list.

Each morning, the children wake to find Elfie, as they’ve called him, in a different location. He’s been on the tree, in the advent calendar, riding a unicorn and riding Thomas The Tank Engine. We can’t help feeling a tinge of guilt as we lie to our children in the vain hope we’ll get them to behave. 

Truth be known, Sarah and I will be on that naughty list and not our kids.