Has a Tesco store in Fareham turned out to be a mistake?

You might seen at A&E if you're a zombie from The Walking Dead...

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Is the Tesco bubble starting to burst? Has it expanded just a little too much?

Over the past few years, all we’ve heard is Tesco profits and expansion plans.

But was the Fareham store one too many, or is it just an expensive one-off mistake?

With rumours circulating that Tesco may sell up at the site, did it get its sums wrong?

The car park is busy, but the store is quiet as many bypass it for the High Street.

So if Tesco does pull out, is the company right to carry on with plans for a new Extra store in Gosport?

I think what’s happened to Tesco in Fareham is a shame as I like the store.

But it looks like those first few weekends of traffic problems put off a lot of people.