Has The Voice broken yet?

Paloma Faith and Boy George have joined The Voice judging panel  ' but viewing figures have hit a bum note
Paloma Faith and Boy George have joined The Voice judging panel ' but viewing figures have hit a bum note
Simon Yates competing in the Giro D'Italia

RICK JACKSON: How we love to beat the French on two wheels!

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Has anyone else been watching TV talent show The Voice?

This season brings with it two new mentors, Boy George and Paloma Faith, and so far it has proved to be entertaining.

However, it got me thinking about these kinds of talent shows and I wondered if someone needs to invent a new format?

There have been reports that the show’s viewing figures are down significantly on previous years, and the future of rival show The X Factor is under question after its ratings dropped below five million in the last series.

Can people give their thoughts on a postcard please for a new talent show idea?

n I popped in to the supermarket the other day to buy a birthday card and my eyes were met with a sea of Valentine’s Day cards.

There were so many that I struggled to find what I had actually come in for.

I then walked further down the aisle where I was met by a stand of Easter cards – still no birthday cards.

I couldn’t help but think where is this all going? I mean we’ve only just got the Christmas cards off the shelves. I swear that every year all of the merchandise comes out earlier.

n I was queueing up to buy some trousers in a popular clothes and homeware store when I noticed a man in front of me with two young children.

As we all moved towards the tills in an orderly fashion, there were bits that kids might like such as Frozen-branded pencil cases, tiny Teddy bear soft toys, and packets of sweets.

As the queue moved forward, they gave said items to their dad and asked for him to ‘pleeeeeassse’ buy them. By the time we had reached the tills, the dad looked harassed and had been beaten into submission. Shops must really make a killing from these strategically-placed items.

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