Hats off to young people taking back their pride

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Bullying can take on many forms – be it name-calling, humiliation or worse, physical violence.

Whatever form it takes, it is something that can seriously damage the confidence and abilities of young people.

So we applaud the efforts of a group of youngsters featured on page 11 today, who are preparing to take the stage this weekend to raise money for a charity aimed at putting an end to bullying.

Members of Havant-based Beat the Bullies are going to perform at a gala event in Bedhampton on Sunday to raise cash to get their charity off the ground.

They all have one thing in common – they have all suffered at the hands of bullies but with the help of the charity are learning to get their confidence back.

There are many admirable attempts taking place in schools and other establishments in the area to stamp out bullying before it occurs, but it is just as important that there are organisations and people willing to help those who have been victims.

The young people who will take to the stage on Sunday are certainly doing that all by themselves, taking part in something that will hopefully give them even more confidence in themselves and help them as they go through one of the most important times of their lives.

‘Being bullied can really knock you,’ says 15-year-old Chloe Hine, who set up the anti-bullying charity.

But the important thing that these young people are getting the chance to see is that those knocks can be overcome and turned into something positive.

We wish the group all the best for their performance and for their efforts in setting up the charity.

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