Have you thought of joining the scouting movement?

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Whenever many of us think about scouts those thoughts are often dominated by boring stereotypes.

From dib, dib, dibbing and dob, dob, dobbing, many believe the Scout Association still delivers all it does in a traditional way. Wrong.

Gone are the days where Scouting was a male-only activity. Activities are pieced no longer dominated by knot-tying and the formal side of things is arguably nothing in comparison to what it once was.

Being an adult volunteer within the scouting movement allows me to understand that doing what we do is fun. We wouldn’t do it if it was mundane.

As a scout leader my aim is to ensure everything the boys and girls do is fun, challenging, adventurous, and has the potential to change their lives.

The beauty of Portsmouth, being a part of Hampshire Scouts, is we have access to so many facilities.We have done kayaking, abseiling, climbing, caving, archery, cycling, walking, and more.

The majority of this happened within Hampshire. How lucky are the youngsters who live in our county.

I recently attended a future leaders’ course for local scouts in which adult volunteers would develop their leadership skills. This thought-provoking course was a reminder of the importance of challenging the young minds of those who are Scouts.

The fun and adventurous activities are designed to challenge in an interactive way.

Those who volunteer are predominantly there to have a positive influence on young lives.

Scouting is one of the most adventurous things I have ever done on a regular basis. Wherever I go, whatever I do, and whoever I meet, adventure is always at the centre of it all. That’s what the kids should also experience.

Scouting is not a youth club or babysitting service, but a community of people who are passionate, determined, and driven to make a change.

The Scout Association is actively looking at ways in which it can develop and grow.

Whether you’re young, or an adult, you can be involved within scouting. It is never too late to join the adventure by finding more information online.

Spending a small proporation of your free time volunteering is good for you physically and mentally.

Being a scout is open to the whole family too.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out and engage with something hundreds of thousands of people across Britain love dearly.