Haven’t councillors got better things to do than moralise?

Home closure will give residents some respite

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Albert Road in Southsea is renowned for its unusual mix of shops and restaurants.

It’s a shame that after three years, Love Albert Road Day became a victim 
of its own success and ended.

But sashay around a couple of corners and there is another road, not as big but just as interesting - Marmion Road.

And nestled next to Smiles cafe, the ‘smiliest’ eaterie in town, is Southsea Rock, emporium of chic and shock.

Your smile will broaden
as you enter the portals of this fascinating shop full of exquisite greeting cards, ceramics, gifts, handbags, scarves and more.

Today, the shop remains open, but owner Rhoda Lardner is retiring.

She opened Southsea Rock in 1982 as a 1950s retro clothes shop, hence the name ‘rock’ came from rock ’n’ roll.

By 1984 she introduced naughty but nice little gift items as well.

So, as she jets off to her house in Italy, Rhoda sends her love to all her customers. Arrivederci!

Now, what about the recent hullabaloo over Pompey’s lapdancing clubs, folks?

Our city council failed to shut them down, but succeeded in stopping any more opening.

Interestingly, out of 3,425 responses to a survey on whether these clubs should be closed, 3,309 were against 
a total ban on lapdancing clubs.

That means that, out of Portsmouth’s population of 207,100, 203,675 really 
don’t give a fig about these clubs.

Probably because most Portmuthians didn’t even know they existed.

Honestly, haven’t our councillors got better things to do with their time than take the moral high ground on adult entertainment in the city?

Then you’ve got feminist groups banging on about 
how these clubs demean women.

Hello, have you ever met a broke stripper dear?

I’m all for the empowerment of women.

But if they want to get their kit off, then I’d much rather that they do it in the safety of a licenced lapdancing club.