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With only a few days to go until the big Gibbs family wedding vacation in Cuba, things have been crazily busy.

On top of the usual pre-holiday madness, we have to deal with my sisters’ wedding preparations, which admittedly are fun.

But given the fact I’m still working every day in London, it means that, well, I’m not much help to anyone.

This week also happens to be my last week at ITN, which in the TV world means one thing – you work your backside off.

I had to deliver two one-hour documentaries and although I’ve been working on them for the past seven weeks, everything only seems to fall into place in the last week.

I kind of feel I’ve been cursed at ITN. On top of my laptop going missing, there seem to have been a number of hassles – including working really late nights to get a voiceover recorded and finding that mysteriously it just didn’t record.

Then there were the videos that just wouldn’t play on my machine but were okay on everyone else’s.

All a bit weird.

However, I’ve been planning a pre-wedding pamper mini-break for my mum and sisters so this Sunday we’re off to the Langstone Hotel in Hayling Island for much-needed relaxation. I can’t wait!

Last weekend I attended yet another hen do – it’s clearly that time in our lives where everyone is settling down because it feels like there’s a hen or stag do every weekend.

It was for my friend Louise Culls, who I went to South Downs College with, and it was a great night.

I didn’t know anyone else other than the bride and her sister, Alex, and as Louise was busy mingling and chatting to the rest of the group, I latched on to Alex.

She is one party girl.

There we were on the dance floor with another hen party and everyone was having a blast.

So I thought I’d ask the DJ to play us a song – Sam Cooke’s Twistin’ The Night Away.

Everyone stopped still and looked around, confused, as if not sure what on earth they were hearing.

Me? I was in my element!