Haydenmobile needs roof rack

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Since I became a dad for the first time six years ago I’ve become pretty good at fitting stuff in the car.

As all parents know, a day out with young children can also mean a lot of baggage.

Over the years, the contents have changed.

It used to be a pram and a bag full of nappies, wipes, bottles and all the other baby essentials that had to be crammed into the boot of the car.

A few years on, now it’s toys and teddies that come with us.

Sometimes it’s been a challenge to get the boot to close, but like doing a jigsaw puzzle I have to put in all the pieces in a specific order until I manage to fit everything in.

Before a recent day out my daughters asked if we could take their bikes with us.

I didn’t think it would be a problem until I tried to fit the bikes in the car.

It took me ages and I almost crushed my hand in the process.

I now realise I need to invest in a roof rack for the car or at least buy some fold-up bikes.