Haye and Chisora should hang heads in shame

David Haye
David Haye

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David Haye and Dereck Chisora should be thrown out of boxing for a very long time.

Frankly, would any of us care if we never saw them in another ring?

The pair of them are an utter disgrace.

Their post-fight brawl after Chisora’s points defeat at the hands of Vitali Klitschko was one thing, but the gangster-like threats of ‘bottling’ and ‘shooting’, which accompanied it was even worse.

The British Boxing Board of Control need to take away Chisora’s licence and make sure Haye stays retired.

Even before that melee – in which a bottle was used – Chisora had committed one of the most disgusting offences I have ever seen in 30 years covering the sport.

He spewed water into the face of Vitali’s brother Wladimir during the pre-fight formalities.

How the younger Klitschko brother kept his temper and dignity in the face of this is beyond me, but he did.

Earlier, Chisora had slapped his opponent at the weigh-in in some pathetic show of phoney bravado.

Sadly, all of this overshadowed his admirably gutsy effort in pushing Vitali harder than some lop-sided cards suggested.

His loopy behaviour went way beyond the normal cut and thrust of the hype which surrounds a big fight.

Even modern era champions well versed in boxing hoopla – some of it tasteless – never sank as low as this.

Apart from Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear, of course, for which he was banned.

David Haye is reported to have ‘gone into hiding.’ He should stay there.

Having been hired to cover the fight for TV, what was he even doing trying to hijack the press conference and trying to whip up interest in a fight between himself and Vitali?

After all, the former champion is a largely discredited figure after his lamentable effort against Wladimir last year.

Haye’s loutish behaviour on Saturday made sure that any potential huge pay day for him in Germany this summer just went up in smoke.

As the Klitschko’s manager Bernd Bonte told him: ‘You are out, out, out.’

And yet, while the two British heavyweights deserve all that’s coming to them, we can do without the lazy cliches about the affair dragging the name of the sport through the mud.

The only people Haye and Chisora brought shame on were themselves.

Most fighters are down-to-earth characters who get no publicity and precious little money.

And yet they fight with courage, bravery and dignity, trying to eke out a living.

It is a privilege and pleasure to cover them. They are the real heart and soul of boxing.

Meanwhile, you can only guess what the bemused Germans made of the antics of our two Brits abroad.

I was reminded of the epic Fawlty Towers episode when the hapless Basil keeps mentioning the war to his increasingly bemused and angry German visitors.

As their stay descends into farce, one of the guests shakes his head and says: ‘However did they win?’