Hayling community's true colours show in a crisis : Cheryl Gibbs

I heard about the chaos on Hayling last week when a water main burst, causing massive disruption for people on the island and the surrounding area.

Tuesday, 18th June 2019, 10:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th June 2019, 4:04 pm
Portsmouth Water picture - flooding in Havant Road, Hayling on June 14, 2019

My mum’s friend said it was mayhem – traffic could not get on or off for hours. But she was delighted to see how the community came together to help each other out. Apparently residents took cups of tea and refreshments out to commuters who were stuck for hours in their cars.  There were signs put up in homes offering the use of their toilets if needed. Acts of kindness from complete strangers.   Well done all and a lovely demonstration of what society can be like when we put other people's needs first.

The sun is wearing a rain mac and wellies, not a hat

Well, what can I say about our Great British Summer…oh that’s right, we haven’t had one yet. 

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I’m livid and I’m sorry if you think I’m being dramatic, but what on earth has happened to the beautiful sunshine and heat waves of last year? 

And don’t give me this business about sunshine being on its way – I’ve been promised that since April.

Yes we’ve had the odd day…days even, but come on people we’re not far off July and quite frankly looking out of our bedroom window as I type this, all I can see is rain, rain and yep more rain. 

I’ve had enough. I want sun. I was promised sun.

Heck, I’d go as far as to say I’m entitled to it at this point.

As you know we’ve been doing our garden up, or attempting to.

My husband, his brother Luke and Luke’s fiancé’s step-dad Tubs – I know, it’s getting complicated – came and helped out on Saturday to attempt to get our garden finished for the what is supposed to be a summer. 

By 2pm it was like a swamp out there – especially given that our garden is on an elevation and thus slopes downwards.

Naturally I stayed inside in the warm reasoning I was no good to anyone cold and wet. Though I took them bacon and egg sandwiches and plenty of hot tea, I am good for something. 

I did feel awful as they all ploughed on through the rain.

It was chaos and miserable and I was not happy. Mud was being traipsed through the house.

The heating has been on constantly trying to dry Matt’s wet clothes each day after work, making the place feel like a sauna and smell soggy and damp. 

And now I’ve had to chuck out two pairs of shoes because I accidentally left them out in the rain and they ended up in a complete state. I had to face it, they were beyond repair.

I know I am moaning, but I can’t help it. I need my vitamin D. I need sun, god damn it. 

Supposedly summer is on its way and I for one need it…if nothing else than to stop me being a moody moaning hag.

We were late to the Netflix party but so glad we arrived

I reported recently how my new found love of Netflix has brought me a great deal of satisfaction.

I was a latecomer to Netflix – I’m always late to these things – and now we’ve signed up after our free trial we are still loving it. At the weekend we watched Netflix’s new movie Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston about a married couple who get framed for some murders while on holiday in France. It’s a ridiculous movie, it has Adam Sandler in it for goodness sake. But it’s an easy watch and I liked it. So did so many others as it was ranked the most downloaded movie on the platform over its first weekend…ever! Now that’s impressive.