He hires a mobility scooter so he can shop in comfort

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This week I was astonished to discover that a friend of mine has been hiring mobility scooters when he visits his local shopping centre.

This fella is not registered disabled, but apparently they will let anybody hire one provided you pay.

He reckons his legs hurt when it’s a marathon shopping visit and using the mobility scooter enables him to shop effortlessly and in comfort!

My kids are both pros at laziness, Erin, my seven- year-old daughter, never washes her hands after a loo visit, but she still turns the tap on so it makes the running water noise.

I don’t understand why she can’t be bothered to put her hands under the tap she’s just turned on.

My 10-year-old son Josh is just as bad, I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve asked him to hang his clothes up in his wardrobe after taking them off, but this request repeatedly falls on deaf ears and he continues to drop all his clothes on his bedroom floor.

Obviously I cannot condone this sort of outrageously lazy behaviour. I never do anything of the sort (just don’t speak to my wife.)

Lou: It is just me or are us Brits getting lazier? In the news just last week there was an article about how under-25s now frequently text friends and family who are in the same house just so they don’t have to get up and talk to each other.

Something similar happens in our office at The Breeze. Quite often my colleagues use the internal phones to talk to someone a few desks away because they can’t be bothered to walk over to them.

We’re also a lazy lot when it comes to using the stairs. When the lift was out of order the other day, everyone was moaning about having to walk down and back up if they wanted to pop out for lunch.

Maybe it’s because technology has made everything so easy, we can’t be bothered to do anything the old-fashioned way.

But I think it’s a generational thing. Despite being retired, my mum is always on the go.

Her house is always tidier than mine, she’s probably fitter than me and she never complains about being cold like me!