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Ican’t believe it. I got to fulfil a lifelong ambition last weekend – I met and interviewed Peter Andre.

Don’t laugh, this is a serious business. I’m not kidding about the lifelong bit – ask my mum and she’ll revel in retelling her ‘party piece’ about how she used to spend hours upon hours at the end of my bed when I was a child, trying to console me as I pleaded with her that I was in love with him.

I’d like to think I was exaggerating here, but I can honestly tell you I’m not. Peter Andre was my first true love and anyone who tells you that your first love cannot be someone you’ve never met, let alone a celebrity, has clearly never felt the way I did about Mr Andre.

Anyway, stalker-like youthful behaviour aside, I got to meet Peter at the annual Duke of Essex Polo Trophy event where I was shooting a video for the launch of the TV channel for We Are The City – a London website for high profile women.

I’ve been asked to be the new ‘face’ of the channel, which means I’ll be all over the place covering events and interviewing some really cool people.

It was fab to kick off the channel off at the Polo – not least because I positioned myself at the front of the press pen by the red carpet to ensure I got interviews with all the celebs!

I chatted with all the The Only Way Is Essex cast, including Amy Childs who was really lovely and very down-to-earth. She told me on camera that I was a ‘true Essex girl’, which I was unsure how to take. Was it a compliment or insult? I still haven’t decided.

I also got to chat with Dane Bowers, Lizzie Cundy, Vicky Michelle from ’Allo ’Allo, the gorgeous Gareth Gates and tons of others.

I even danced on the red carpet with the boys from E17, who are back (but not really boys any more).

But the ultimate moment came when Peter Andre walked towards me. Despite his bodyguards, he took pity on me and gave me a chat. I got four kisses (and counting) a squeeze of the shoulder (which in my eyes constitutes as a hug) and he said I was cute! Yeah, baby!

That’s one thing ticked off my bucket list. Check out the video on wearethecity.com