Health and safety’s gone bonkers again

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Little Ellie-Maye Wilkins, aged seven, may have cracked lips, but her school’s health and safety rules definitely need cracking.

She took a small tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy (cost £1) to school to use on her cracked lips. Not a problem, you might think.

But her school policy states that ‘any type of oral ointment or medicine to be self-administered in school should be prescribed by a physician’.

So Ellie-Maye’s mum either has to take time off work to go to the school to apply Vaseline to her daughter’s lips.

Or, as she has done, she has to pay her doctor £15 for a private presciption for Vaseline, as it’s not a prescribed medicine.

How ridiculous. Wistaston Church Lane Primary School, please see some sense.

I fear it’s health and safety gone absolutely bonkers again.