Help! I’m becoming addicted to those YouTube tutorials

COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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I am officially an addict. I confess I have developed a real weakness for YouTube and I can’t quite contain it. Is there a group I can attend?

Matt bought me a Samsung Galaxy notebook for my birthday (not quite sure how he managed to get the cash out without me noticing, but somehow he did – the boy’s a dark horse!).

Since I turned it on a week ago, I’ve watched lots of YouTube tutorials on ‘how to do’ things.

This week I’ve learned how to do proper smoky eye make-up, how to do a Cheryl Cole big hairdo, how to do natural lips and even how to naturally strip hair dye.

I’ve tried them out and they all worked. The only problem is I actually got up at 3am on Tuesday and had a quick peak at another ‘how to do’ video. Seriously, I need help!