Help me, I need a fleecey cuddle

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I need a ‘hug in a T-shirt’. The latest doggy must-have is the Equafleece, a snug-fitting top that is said to work the same way that swaddling soothes fractious babies, by relaxing nervous dogs.

The Equafleece lightly touches the dog’s body from back to belly and is believed to encourage the release of oxytocin, the ‘cuddle hormone’ that creates feelings of calmness and closeness.

Get me one! Folks, I’ve been so frazzled this week.

Geronimo and Gertrude (my haemorrhoids), had to write a letter to our doctor, complaining they’ve been waiting weeks, months even, to get an appointment at QA Hospital to get fixed.

All of us live-alone golden oldies try to keep positive with the ageing process, especially on dodgy health days.

So, come on someone, invent a ‘cuddle fleece’ for us.