Here, hold my sambuca, it’s time for some crazy dancing

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I went to Tiger Tiger last Saturday night with the girls. Perhaps we’re all struggling with coming to terms with our age, because I do feel that we’ve been out more and more lately.

Are we coming to terms with our maturity or simply trying to defy it?

I’m not sure I know the answer to that, but anyway we went out (again).

We did the usual jugs of cocktails, glasses of bubbles and the typical shenanigans that go with any girls’ night out.

But after one or two (perhaps three) drinks, we ventured into each room for a bit of a boogie.

My old friend, who used to work at Quay radio when I was there, is the resident Saturday DJ – Liam Howes.

He was in the main ‘cheesy pop’ room and he always gives me a shout out when I go in and last weekend was no exception.

He did the ‘Gobby Gibbs is in the house’ shout-out.

This makes me go slightly crazy, look like a woman possessed and my friends pretend they have no idea who I am – like the entire room.

Anyway, that particular evening I was in the mood for some old music – Dire Straits’s Walk of Life to be exact, which is going to be my father/daughter dance at my wedding next year.

Well, that was it. My ol’ pal Liam played the tune and I was one of the few people in that room (seriously, they were all a tad too young to appreciate the fine lyrics and melodies of said song) who just went nuts.

I absolutely adore that song and for the entire duration, which I believe is about four minutes, I was the woman who captured the attention of the room – for all the wrong reasons!

Seriously, who doesn’t love that track?

My sister, Michelle, who knows what the song means to me, held my cup of sambuca (not recommended people) while I threw myself around and then, once the show was over, came up to me and said: ‘You put that DJ in a real awkward position requesting that song. He clearly didn’t know how to say no to you.’

So, my dear Liam, I apologise if this is true, but you did make my night.

It was either that or Sam Cooke Twistin’ the Night Away and I think that was perhaps pushing it slightly.