Here’s my big home insurance tip for the likes of Carol Vorderman

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My mate had a little booklet posted through his door the other day about home insurance and inside was this really bizarre section called ‘Carol Vorderman’s Home Insurance Cost Saving Tips’.

Her tips involved the usual stuff about shopping around for quotes etc but I can’t understand why she didn’t include the most obvious home insurance cost-saving tip.

Surely, if you’re Carol Vorderman, an easy way to save money on your home insurance would be to never be on TV or in the papers as a celebrity again.

Because you’re less likely to be targeted by burglars who know that you’re very wealthy and always out at celebrity functions.

So come on Carol, if you really want to cut your home insurance bill, get the heck off my TV screen!

You know how they’ve recently upgraded the classic game of Monopoly – well, I was just wondering, isn’t it time we upgraded the game Rock, Paper, Scissors?

It’s been around in the same format for years so I think it’s time it was changed and improved a bit.

I’m thinking that perhaps we could bring a fourth object into the game, but it would have to be something you could represent with your hand.

Any suggestions? Mine would be the ninja star. You could impersonate it by spreading your fingers wide like the points of the star.

I’ve just had an idea to boost the economy around Christmas. Forget all that ‘quantitative easing’ where the Bank of England prints notes and floods the economy with them.

Here’s my idea. Make the chocolate money you get at Christmas legal tender.

Not only will it boost the economy, but kids won’t be eating it, so it’ll help with the childhood obesity crisis!