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Do you remember Edwina Currie's egg scare?
Do you remember Edwina Currie's egg scare?

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I do love a bit of beef, dear.

So the recent article in a national newspaper which stated: ‘A grisly new report says eating beef is not much healthier than drinking arsenic’ intrigued me.

Harvard Medical School has studied the dietary habits of 120,000 people over 30 years.

Its researchers concluded that those who tuck into big steaks, rare lamb, and worse still, processed meats, such as sausages and hamburgers, dramatically increase their prospects of contracting cancer or heart disease.

Oh great! I’m a real meat and two veg gal, I only eat beef and lamb.

Over the years, to impress my latest little passion poppet, I would cook a slap-up meal, frying the steak in butter, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and whisky.

Now being tee-total, I didn’t know one whisky from the other.

So on one occasion my little love-bug entered the kitchen, red-faced and spluttering, as he caught me sploshing capful after capful of his single malt Glenfiddich whisky (which I then learnt was very expensive) on top of the sirloin steaks. Ooops!

Hardly a week goes by where one report or another doesn’t warn us that some food will shorten our lives.

In the 1970s, when I worked on the liners, there was the mercury scare over tuna.

Turned out that you’d have to scoff hundreds of tins for it to make you ill.

Then of course, we had MP Edwina Currie’s salmonella egg scare in the ‘80s.

I recently read that you are now recommended to eat two eggs a day.

And then there’s chocolate. Once not so good for you, we’re now told eating it could help keep you slim.

Yippee! That’s me scoffing choccies until I hang up my earth boots and head for the pearly gates.

And finally, on Wednesday, April 11 I will have been writing a column for The News for 10 years, covering a mix of local and national stories plus my soap saga life.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Cheers.