Here’s to our locals - they are worth loving

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A Feeling Good feature published in The News reveals a new effort to stop people drinking irresponsibly by warning them of the dangers posed by consuming too much alcohol.

It’s the latest example of the newspaper publicising efforts to encourage people to avoid drinking to excess.

But that does not stop us loving our locals - and I hope our new regular feature on pubs will help give a boost to an industry that has taken a hard hit during the economic downturn,

Because, of course, the vast majority of people who go to their local pub don’t do so to get plastered, but instead to enjoy a night out of chat and enjoyment.

The pub, quite simply, is a British institution and that is why we fell that our Love Your Local campaign is so important.

Communities lose out when the local pub closes down and, goodness knows, that has happened to so many over the past few years.

So, as we said in launching the campaign earlier this month, we want you to tell us what’s great about your local - let us know and we will feature the best ones in The News.

We are urging people to support community pubs and regularly throughout the week as well as on a dedicated page each Thursday, we’ll be reporting on events and activities to show how you can help.

And we’ll be calling on councils to adopt policies that protect local pubs.

If you love your local, contact reporter Elise Brewerton on (023) 9249 2444 or email her at