Here’s to you, mum and dad, for being amazing all year

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This week Mummy Judd said to me: ‘will your column be cheery, Emma, seeing as it’s Christmas Eve when it comes out?’

Well, I guess I should apologise to her for perhaps not adding the joy and goodwill she perhaps hoped I would inject into it.

But what I will say is this: I am dedicating this year’s Christmas wishes to Mummy and Daddy Judd.

They’ve been there for me when the chips were down, they took me and my cat in when we needed a place to live, fed us, watered us, and didn’t bat an eyelid when both of us stayed out past our bedtimes.

So here’s to you, dad and mum, the people I’ve nicknamed PJ and Maud. I hope everyone is as lucky as me and has parents that are just as brilliant.