Hiding from inspectors in train toilets was punishment enough

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COMMENT: Government needs to dig deep to find extra cash

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Arail union has claimed a hedge fund manager was able to ‘buy silence’ after he repaid £42,550 in unpaid fares to a train operating company but remained anonymous and avoided court action.

But I think the guy has suffered enough for his actions. Apparently, he dodged fares for five years and got away with it because of a loophole and because he managed to avoid any inspectors who came on to the train he was on.

Now, if you think about it, avoiding inspectors is usually done by hiding in the train’s toilets. So this guy has had to spend large portions of journeys over a five-year period hiding in train toilets.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been inside a typical British train toilet, but they are not somewhere you want to have to spend any time if you can possibly avoid it.

That guy must have spent hours and hours in them over the past five years. Surely that’s punishment enough?

nHave you noticed it’s becoming common for bands to play an entire album as their set at gigs. I can’t help thinking they should do it properly. That means, instead of introducing all the songs and saying ‘thank you’ at the end of each one, it should be played exactly as you hear it on the album... with about 10 seconds’ silence between each one.

I think playing whole albums is just an excuse for bands to be lazy. So here’s an idea. I’d like to see a type of shuffle at gigs in which the band have to play songs picked at random in the same way an iPod might pick them on shuffle. That’s much more challenging.

They’d have to know every song because they couldn’t be sure what they’d have to play. Plus they’d sell more tickets as fans would see them more than once on tour because they might get to hear songs they’d not heard before. Let’s make our musicians work harder for their cash.