History-maker could have worn a tutu for all I care

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So Dr Matt Taylor spoke on TV about the European Space Agency’s mission to land a robot on a comet for the first time in history whilst dressed in a colourful bowling shirt featuring images of scantily-clad women.

Dr Taylor and his team of scientists landed the probe on a comet 300 million miles away. Without doubt an amazing achievement.

Well not amazing enough for some it would seem, as all anyone wanted to talk about was the shirt he was wearing.

I swear the human race is going backwards. We achieved something quite spectacular, but hey, let’s make the poor guy cry on TV as he has to apologise to the world for his choice of clothing.

He should have been basking in the glory of this event. But some small-minded individuals with far too much time on their hands have probably ruined it for him.

Its not as if he and his colleagues just screwed up a piece of paper and threw it across the office straight into the bin.

The robot was sent into space and 10 years later it landed on a comet travelling at 24,000 miles an hour.

The man was part of scientific history, for Pete’s sake! He could have worn a tutu for all I care.

He’s a scientist (plenty of whom are a bit, well, eccentric) and wore a shirt some people didn’t like.

So what? Some people just need to pipe down and realise that just because they’re offended doesn’t make them right.

No doubt it’s the same whiners who moan about Page 3. It’s not as if the girls are forced to take off their clothes. And who really looks at it nowadays anyway?

The PC brigade have really outdone themselves this time.

Dr Taylor is a bricklayer’s son-turned-world-renowned astrophysicist, involved in making history.

Years ago he would have been hailed a hero and had a film made about him. Now he’s left upset because of his choice of wardrobe.

Imagine Churchill making his speech after the Second World War and people criticising his choice of clothing. It just wouldn’t have happened.

But today moaners just wait to be offended by something. Brilliant.