Holiday hell solved by a porker in pink

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Whoever came up with the idea for the pre-school TV show Peppa Pig must be a multi-millionaire by now and I think we may have contributed in quite a large way to their bank balance.

Our house is packed with games, toys and duvet covers all bearing the popular pink pig.

With the summer holidays now here, we were looking for somewhere to take my daughters for a fun day out, so of course the Paultons family theme park (which includes Peppa Pig World) was an obvious choice.

So, off we went down the M27 with a picnic and plenty of sun cream in the boot of the car.

And you can probably guess where my daughters wanted to visit first. Yep, Peppa Pig World.

Firstly, I joined Caitlin and Alyssa on Grandpa Pig’s boat ride which included a 20-minute queue.

I loved watching all the parents in the line using their best distraction techniques to keep their little ones occupied until they reached the front of the queue.

Peppa Pig World has a really happy feel to it and a great atmosphere. It’s obvious a lot of thought went into making this a magical experience for young children.

There are plenty of large figures of the characters dotted around the park and the theme tune is boomed through the air.

Peppa Pig and her younger brother George also made an appearance in the form of dressed-up Paultons Park staff which filled my daughters and every child near with a huge amount of excitement.

A trip to the Peppa Pig gift shop almost caused my daughters to burst with glee, although it turned out we already own much of the contents – but it was pleasing to see items were not overpriced.

After enjoying a few more rides we headed for the main park area where the rides are a little faster.

Caitlin spotted the Dragon roundabout which is advertised as ‘the spin of your life’.

It seems she has not inherited her dad’s travel sickness and came off the ride wanting another go.

Although most rides require queuing, staff seem to be excellent at keeping things moving and getting you on that ride as quickly as possible.

If you’re going to Paultons Park this summer, my advice would be to take a picnic as there are plenty of grassed areas in the shade and you’ll avoid any more queuing in the restaurants and café.

Take your child’s swimming costume for the excellent Water Kingdom – the shrieks of excitement from all the children proved this is a must go part of the park.

Finally, get there early. With so much to do and so much fun to be had, you’ll need a whole day.