Holly shows that curvy can be cool

Holly Valance
Holly Valance

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Okay folks, who’s broken a new year resolution already? I’m talking mainly to the ‘I’m going to eat heathily and lose weight’ people here.

Well, I’ve worked a sneaky this year. I decided it’s daft to start cutting down the calories when there’s still scrumptious grub left over from the festive season, so I’m not starting the diet until tomorrow, when the fridge is finally empty of naughty but nice nosh.

This year I’m keeping a food diary, because dieticians say that slimmers tell porky pies when asked what they’ve eaten that week.

Spookily, they can remember the salads, baked fish and boiled eggs, but not the odd choccie bar they had in between. Funny that.

You have to write down every morsel that passes your lips on the way to your hips, dear.

Because the odd 100 calories here and there can add up and 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat.

Now to the recent headline ‘Kids who diet to death’. A disturbing expose revealed that hundreds of children being treated in hospital for anorexia every year.

What is happening here? Most of us know anorexia is an eating disorder where the sufferer has a distorted view of their body image. Everyone else sees them as painfully thin, but they think they are fat.

Health bosses highlighted that there is a growing pressure on children to be skinny, particulary from the celebrities they idolise. These scraggy models and pop singers are not good role models.

And finally...in the same paper where I read about the anorexic children was a photo of Strictly Come Dancing star Holly Valance, recreating the iconic Sophie Loren pose from the film The Millionaire.

Holly was in a black corset, lace-topped black stockings and suspenders, and diamante-trimmed high heels.Completing the ensemble were long white satin gloves, a wide-brimmed elegant white hat and pearls.

Miss Valance, like the luscious Loren, looked curvy, womanly, sexy and simply divine, dear.

Young girls take note.