Honoured to be a guest speaker

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I was honoured to be invited to be the guest speaker at The Inner Wheel’s 75th anniversary luncheon being held in The Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Suite.

How posh. So on Tuesday I scrubbed up and toddled down to the Guildhall in Portsmouth.

Madeleine and Ivy who booked me said ‘just be yourself.’

Now that’s a bit dodgy folks because, as you know, I have a certain streak of mischievousness. I just can’t help it, honest.

I’m not quite sure how my tale about interviewing The Penis Puppeteers, two Australian fellas who fold their bits into shapes, went down.

But The Inner Wheel ladies were absolute darlings and a delight to meet.

I was fascinated to learn about all the work they do in education.

Great girls.