Hopefully the curse will be lifted when I’m a Kingston

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I was so looking forward to this week because it was due to be our wedding tasting meal with our caterers.

Aaah, a nice, relaxing mid-week meal out and the chance to try what we’ll be eating on our big day at Southend Barns near Chichester.

Bless Field and Fork, they’ve been so good as I keep on contacting them about possible changes (goats’ cheese for starters or Indian fritters?), or whether I can invite my mum along to the tasting session as well (Mamma Gibbs doesn’t like to be left out you know).

Anyway, I turned up in my finery, with Matt and my mum in tow, only to find I had somehow managed to get the day wrong!

Turns out it was actually supposed to be the next day – Wednesday.

Well, as you can imagine, Matt and my mum were beside themselves with embarrassment as the poor waiting staff attempted to find out why we’d turned up 24 hours before we were booked in.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re keen but not that keen!

In the end I spoke to the management on the phone, who informed me that this had never happened before and apologised profusely. Even though the fault was clearly mine.

Concerned that we were sat in their restaurant, hungry and with nowhere else to go, the poor chef had to whip up our three-course wedding menu.

Now my mum doesn’t easily get embarrassed. But she was mortified!

I have to say the food was out of this world and despite being what I’d call ‘fancy’, the portions were good. In fact I couldn’t eat it all, there was so much of it.

I couldn’t quite understand how I’d managed to get it so wrong and started wondering how on earth I trekked half-way round the world, got on 22 planes, stayed in 35 hotels and visited goodness knows how many countries within the space of four months while filming a TV series – yet couldn’t even get a simple reservation right.

The fact they said it had never happened before just made me feel worse.

But this is Cheryl Gibbs we’re talking about. Things tend to happen to me.

Maybe when we get married and I become a Kingston, the curse will be lifted?