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I’ve been in Manchester this week, filming for a new TV programme I’m super-excited about.

I can’t reveal much at this stage – sworn to secrecy, you see.

I’m not actually in it, but I’m the assistant producer which is really exciting given the nature of the show!

I’ve only ever been to Manchester once before, when I was filming last year for the One Direction DVD I was involved in making.

No offence, but I have to say I wasn’t that fussed about returning.

But I think I must have been in a different part of the city, because this latest stay was much nicer and I got to see a little bit more of Manchester.

Unfortunately though, when you’re filming away your diet and healthy eating plan tends to go out the window.

You live on restaurant or takeaway food, which means you eat convenience things.

But with my holiday to Antigua for my best friend’s wedding just over a month away, my waistline is a priority.

Sadly, there was no gym at our hotel, but its ‘sister’ hotel just up the road had one plus spa facilities.

Perfect, or so I thought. I don’t know how this so-called ‘gym’ was ever given such a status, because quite frankly I could have had a much better workout in a box.

It was literally an underground dungeon that had massive old TVs on the walls where only half the screen worked properly.

There was no air-con, just one fan, which everyone in the gym was fighting for.

The equipment was so squashed up that whilst I was doing my ab crunches on the floor, I had an old man’s bottom in my face as he worked out on a frighteningly-close piece of equipment. Lovely.

To top it off and to make the experience so much worse, a young lad spent the entire duration of my workout with his hands down his pants.

I couldn’t help noticing and it meant that for every piece of equipment he went on, it was one less I could go on. Yuk.

After all that frustration, I reckon I might as well have given in, abandoned the fitness regime and had the pie that I so desperately wanted!