How can buying toothpaste put my brain into meltdown?

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How can buying toothpaste cause your brain to have a meltdown?

I was doing a food shop at the weekend and my wife asked me to get some toothpaste, but not the stuff with the horrible blue flecks.

Well have you seen how many different types of toothpaste there are? Colgate really should have its own aisle. It’s ridiculous.

There’s Total Advanced, Sensitive-Pro, MaxWhite, Total-Pro Whitening, Luminous, Active, MaxFresh, Advanced White, Deep Clean, Cool Stripe, Triple Action….aaaggghhh!

I counted 32 different types of toothpaste – and then there are the kids’ varieties!

I ended up picking one that was on offer. And yep, it had horrible blue flecks in it.