How can someone who is so tall be afraid of heights?

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He was the lofty bete noire of Roger Moore’s James Bond, who pursued him with dogged determination and a grin that was a portent of doom for any who saw it.

He also inexplicably found love with a be-plaited girl on board a spaceship.

Yes, he is Jaws, from James Bond.

Now in his 70s, Jaws (real name Richard Kiel) is coming to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth in May.

Why, I have no idea. Presumably because it ties in with an ad he’s filming and someone wanted to give him money.

But the real revelation to come out of this is the fact that, standing at 7ft 2ins in his stockinged feet, Mr Kiel is scared of heights. Isn’t that a bit like the real Jaws - the shark, I mean – being afraid of water?